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About Trade Gothic Font

Trade Gothic font is free for personal or commercial purposes. The Trade Gothic typeface was designed by Jackson Burke who was a famous American graphic designer. It comes with 14 styles which are divided into three weights and three widths.

It has been picked by many renowned companies such as Virgin, Rapha and North American graphic design for body text just like Times New Roman. So it is a must-have portable font that fits both in the print and web domain.

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The trade gothic font is being used everywhere out there and the option is indeed a plus for the designer. However, these days one wouldn’t get to get much rest when they will see this type of font blocking their views on mobile devices or t-shirts out there. Well, that’s part of the power it has secured now.

Trade Gothic is a no-nonsense, solid and adventurous typeface design that works equally well in long and short texts. The font features many OpenType complete alternates, discretional Ligatures, old-style figures as well as proportional numbers along with symbols and ordinals.

This kind of font uses the True Type technology to open the computer’s application and make it compatible with the headlines, titles.

License Information

Here are some rules that can help you stay away from any trouble. For commercial use, font should be used in software or printed materials. It should not be used for mobile applications, apps and video games. You can buy the font if you want to use it for commercial use. If you want to do personal use, you can download the font free of cost as well as the paid version. The trick is to read all the terms and conditions carefully before using any font.

Trade Gothic Font Family

  1. Trade Gothic® Light
  2. Trade Gothic® Light Oblique
  3. Trade Gothic® Roman
  4. Trade Gothic® Oblique
  5. Trade Gothic® Bold
  6. Trade Gothic® Bold #2
  7. Trade Gothic® Bold Oblique
  8. Trade Gothic® Bold #2 Oblique
  9. Trade Gothic® Condensed #18
  10. Trade Gothic® Condensed #18 Oblique
  11. Trade Gothic® Bold Condensed #20
  12. Trade Gothic® Bold Condensed #20 Oblique
  13. Trade Gothic® Extended
  14. Trade Gothic® Bold Extended

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Trade Gothic Font Free Download

Click here for the free trade gothic font. To use it, just download it first. After that, open your word processor document. Select the whole text and click fonts. You will see a list of available fonts. Choose that Trade Gothic file you just downloaded from the internet.

Font FAQs

  • Is there any font similar to Trade Gothic in Google Fonts?
    Ans: A couple of fonts are similar to Trade Gothic. Helvetica and Quirky Grotesques are the closest ones.
  • Is it ok to use this on an online platform?
    Ans: You can use Trade Gothic font on online platforms with the paid version only.
  • What type of font is Trade Gothic?
    Ans: Trade gothic is a non-unifying structured font that has a designer look.
  • Is Trade Gothic Font safe to download and use on My PC and MAC?
    Ans: Trade Gothic font is safe to download on PC or MAC and for personal use with the free version. Check out for Pc font installation process and Mac font installation process.

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